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Author Topic:  Modifying SMF Templates - The Master File List  (Read 8118 times)

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December 12, 2013, 01:49:34 AM

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Modifying SMF Templates - The Master File List
« on: December 12, 2013, 01:49:34 AM »

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All templates are found in the theme directories. Most of these will be inside the default theme directory, unless a custom theme uses a customized version of it.

:gb: Admin.template.php - this is for the Administration Control Panel area.
     Sub templates:  admin_above, admin_below, admin, credits, edit_news, edit_agreement, view_versions, edit_censored, maintain
:gb: BoardIndex.template.php - this is the Board index. That's the main page of the forum.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Calendar.template.php - the calendar, and related sub templates.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Display.template.php - the posts themselves.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Errors.template.php - error messages.
     Sub templates:  fatal_error, error_log
:gb: Help.template.php - for the Admin help and find Member box.
     Sub templates:  popup, find_members
:gb: index.template.php - this is the stuff around the main content that goes on every page.
     Sub templates:  init, main_above, main_below, menu
:gb: Login.template.php - basic login, as well as maintenance login and admin verification.
     Sub templates:  login, kick_guest, maintenance, admin_login, retry_activate, resend
:gb: ManageAttachments.template.php - Attachment management, delete, view, etc.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: ManageBoards.template.php - manage boards, add, modify, delete, etc.
     Sub templates:  main, modify_category, confirm_category_delete, modify_board
:gb: ManageMembers.template.php - manage members and groups, add, modify etc.
     Sub templates:  main, new_group, edit_group, group_members, email_members, email_members_compose, view_members, ban_list, ban_edit, ban_log, edit_reserved_words, trackUser, trackIP, showPermissions, announce, announcement_send
:gb: ManagePermissions.template.php - mange permission.
     Sub templates:  main, modify_group
:gb: ManageSmileys.template.php - mange smiley, add remove arrange, etc.
     Sub templates:  settings, editsets, modifyset, editsmileys, modifysmiley, addsmiley, setorder
:gb: Memberlist.template.php - the memberlist, which can be viewed and searched.
     Sub templates:  main, search
:gb: MessageIndex.template.php - the message index, or in other words boards.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Modlog.template.php - moderation log.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: MoveTopic.template.php - moving a topic.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Notify.template.php - confirmations for turning on/off notifications. Seldom seen except via email.
     Sub templates:  main, notify_board
:gb: Packages.template.php - package management, add, browse, install, etc.
     Sub templates:  main, package_above, package_below, view_package, extract_package, list, examine, view_installed, browse, servers, package_list, downloaded, install_options
:gb: PersonalMessage.template.php - instant message display, sending, etc.
     Sub templates:  directory, send, ask_delete, prune
:gb: Poll.template.php - poll editing.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Post.template.php - posting a new topic, a reply.
     Sub templates:  main, postbox, spellcheck
:gb: Printpage: printing a topic.
     Sub templates:  print_above, main, print_below
:gb: Profile.template.php - the profile, editing and viewing alike.
     Sub templates:  profile_above, profile_below, summary, showPosts, statPanel, account, forumProfile, theme, notification, pmprefs, deleteAccount, profile_save
:gb: Recent.template.php - recent posts, unread topics and unread replies.
     Sub templates:  main, unread, replies
:gb: Register.template.php - registration... before and after.
     Sub templates:  before, after, admin_browse, admin_register
:gb: Reminder.template.php - forgot your password?
     Sub templates:  main, sent, set_password, ask
:gb: Search.template.php - this is the main search screen and results.
     Sub templates:  main, results
:gb: SendTopic.template.php - who're you going to send it to?
     Sub templates:  main, report
:gb: Settings.template.php - Theme settings and options.
     Sub templates:  settings, options
:gb: SplitTopics.template.php - splitting and merging topics.
     Sub templates:  ask, main, select, merge_done, merge, merge_extra_options
:gb: Stats.template.php - statistics about your forum.
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Themes.template.php - themes management.
     Sub templates:  main, pick, installed, edit_style, edit_template, set_settings, set_options
:gb: Who.template.php - who is online, and what are they doing?
     Sub templates:  main
:gb: Wireless.template.php - wireless access via WAP, WAP 2, or i-mode.
     Sub templates:  wap_above, wap_boardindex, wap_messageindex, wap_display, wap_error, wap_below, imode_above, imode_boardindex, imode_messageindex, imode_display, imode_post, imode_login, imode_error, imode_below, wap2_above, wap2_boardindex, wap2_messageindex, wap2_display, wap2_login, wap2_post, wap2_error, wap2_below
:gb: Xml.template.php - xml related
     Sub templates:  quotefast, post, stats, split


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