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Author Topic:  Modifying SMF Files - The Master File List  (Read 6181 times)

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October 20, 2013, 12:31:41 AM

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Modifying SMF Files - The Master File List
« on: October 20, 2013, 12:31:41 AM »

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The root directory of the forum.

:gb: agreement.php - What registrars have to agree by in order to successfully Register on any SMF forum, when the "Show and require agreement letter when registering" option enabled.
:gb: index.php - The file used to show your forum to visitors.
:gb: install.php - The file used to setup the initial SMF forum. This file configures database information, Forum information and the initial administrator's account. Can be a security threat if left dormant.
:gb: upgrade.php - Upgrades any version of an SMF Forum to a newer version. Can be a security threat if left dormant.
:gb: repair_settings.php - Edits the paths to different directories, URLs and database connection information. Can be a security threat if left dormant.
:gb: license.php - As the operator of an SMF forum, you have to agree to the terms contained in this file.
:gb: Settings.php - Contains information about the forum, server settings, database connection information, etc.
:gb: Settings_bak.php - A backup of "Settings.php".
:gb: SSI.php - Some functions from your Forum to be used on your website, if you wish (i.e. login system, show last posts, etc.).
:gb: ssi_examples.php - Examples of how to integrate SSI's functions in a PHP file.
:gb: ssi_examples.shtml - Examples of how to integrate SSI's functions in an SHTML file.
:gb: readme.html - A wealth of information about SMF, what's required to it, etc.


The directory where attachments are stored in a default installation.

:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.


The directory where avatar packages are stored. Avatars uploaded by users are instead stored in the #attachments directory.

:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.


In this directory are stored files generated by SMF for caching information.

:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.


In this directory are stored the packages to be used through the package manager.

:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.
:gb: installed.list - The list of currently installed packages (packages installed through the Package Manager).
:gb: server.list - A list of packages' servers to which you can connect and get new or updated packages.
:gb: backup - A directory where are store the backups created by SMF every time a mod is installed or removed.


Here are stored the smiley packs, one per each sub-directory.

:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.


In this directory are stored the core files of SMF.

:gb: Admin.php - A file that handles basic administration.
:gb: BoardIndex.php - Used to display the Board index.
:gb: Calendar.php - Displays the calendar.
:gb: Class-Graphics.php -
:gb: Class-Packages.php -
:gb: DbExtra-mysql.php -
:gb: DbExtra-postgresql.php -
:gb: DbExtra-sqlite.php -
:gb: DbPackages-mysql.php -
:gb: DbPackages-postgresql.php -
:gb: DbPackages-sqlite.php -
:gb: DbSearch-mysql.php -
:gb: DbSearch-postgresql.php -
:gb: DbSearch-sqlite.php -
:gb: Display.php - This file controls topic, message and Attachment display.
:gb: DumpDatabase.php - Used to backup an SMF forum's SQL database through the admin panel.
:gb: Errors.php - Logs Forum and database errors.
:gb: Groups.php -
:gb: Help.php - This file takes care of help messages and the help center.
:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.
:gb: Karma.php - Handles the "karma" feature in SMF.
:gb: Load.php - The file used to load nearly every page of an SMF forum.
:gb: LockTopic.php - Handles the locking and stickying of topics.
:gb: LogInOut.php - File used to log members in and out.
:gb: ManageAttachments.php - Handles the managing of attachments.
:gb: ManageBans.php -
:gb: ManageBoards.php - Manage your forum's boards (create, edit and remove boards, assign moderators to boards, authorize access to boards to certain membergroups, etc.).
:gb: ManageCalendar.php -
:gb: ManageErrors.php -
:gb: ManageMail.php -
:gb: ManageMaintenance.php -
:gb: ManageMembergroups -
:gb: ManageMembers.php - Handles the managing of members.
:gb: ManageNews.php -
:gb: ManagePaid.php -
:gb: ManagePermissions.php - Handles the managing of permissions.
:gb: ManagePosts.php -
:gb: ManageRegistration.php -
:gb: ManageScheduledTasks.php -
:gb: ManageSearch.php -
:gb: ManageSearchEngins.php -
:gb: ManageServer.php -
:gb: ManageSettings.php -
:gb: ManageSmileys.php - Handles the managing of smileys.
:gb: Memberlist.php - contains the functions for displaying and searching in the members list.
:gb: MessageIndex.php - Shows the listing of topics in a board.
:gb: ModerationCenter.php -
:gb: Modlog.php - Controls the moderation log.
:gb: MoveTopic.php - Contains the functions required to move topics from one Board to another board.
:gb: News.php - Contains the files necessary to display news as an XML feed.
:gb: Notify.php - Controls the toggling of notifications.
:gb: PackageGet.php - Tool used by the Package Manager to retrieve package files.
:gb: Packages.php - The Package Manager of SMF.
:gb: PersonalMessage.php -
:gb: Poll.php - Contains the functions for voting, locking, removing and editing polls.
:gb: Post.php - Handles everything related to posting replies, new topics, quotes and modifications to existing posts. Also handles quoting posts by way of a popup.
:gb: PostModeration.php -
:gb: Printpage.php - File used to format a Topic to make it printer-friendly.
:gb: Profile-Actions.php -
:gb: Profile-Modify.php -
:gb: Profile-View.php -
:gb: Profile.php - Handles user profiles.
:gb: QueryString.php - Handles the query string, request variables and session management.
:gb: Recent.php - Finds and retrieves information about recently posted topics, messages, etc.
:gb: Register.php - Manages registrations.
:gb: Reminder.php - Used to send members password reminders.
:gb: RemoveTopic.php - Used to completely remove an entire topic.
:gb: RepairBoards.php - Used when searching for and repairing data errors or corruption.
:gb: Reports.php -
:gb: ScheduledTasks.php -
:gb: Search.php - Files used to search an SMF forum.
:gb: SearchAPI-Custom.php -
:gb: SearchAPI-Fulltext.php -
:gb: SearchAPI-Standard.php -
:gb: Security.php - Insures Forum security.
:gb: SendTopic.php - File that deals with sending topics to a friend.
:gb: SplitTopics.php - This file handles merging and splitting topics.
:gb: Stats.php - Provides a display for Forum statistics.
:gb: Subs-Admin.php -
:gb: Subs-Auth.php - Handles authentication, user handling, etc.
:gb: Subs-BoardIndex.php -
:gb: Subs-Boards.php - Handles marking boards and topics read, collapsing categories and quick moderation.
:gb: Subs-Calendar.php -
:gb: Subs-Category.php -
:gb: Subs-Charset.php -
:gb: Subs-Compat.php -
:gb: Subs-Db-mysql.php -
:gb: Subs-Db-postgresql.php -
:gb: Subs-Db-sqlite.php -
:gb: Subs-Editor.php -
:gb: Subs-Graphics.php - Handles all aspects of users' avatars.
:gb: Subs-List.php -
:gb: Subs-Membergroups.php -
:gb: Subs-Members.php -
:gb: Subs-MembersOnline.php -
:gb: Subs-Menu.php -
:gb: Subs-MessageIndex.php -
:gb: Subs-OpenID.php -
:gb: Subs-Package.php - Contains functions for handling .tar.gz and .zip files, as well as a simple XML parser to handle the XML package stuff. Not to mention a few functions to make file handling easier.
:gb: Subs-Post.php - This file contains those functions pertaining to posting and other such operations, including sending emails, IMs, blocking spam, preparsing posts, spell checking and the Post box.
:gb: Subs-Recent.php -
:gb: Subs-Sound.php -
:gb: Subs.php - Contains many of the general-use functions the Forum needs to work.
:gb: Subscriptions-PayPal.php -
:gb: Themes.php - Handles Theme administration.
:gb: ViewQuery.php - This file is concerned with viewing queries and is used for debugging.
:gb: Who.php - Handles the "Who's Online" list.
:gb: Xml.php -


In this directory are contained all the themes installed in the forum, one theme for each sub-directory.

:gb: index.php - Does not allow contents of the directory to be listed.
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